Time for the beach! ⛱

Last week we had a heat wave, so it was incredibly hot here in the South of Sweden too. Especially in our garden, where everything stood still, so we went to the beach three days in a row. Of course I couldn’t bathe because I conveniently got my period… At least I got a bit of a tan (which is the wet dream of every Swede)!

By the way, it sucks not to have an air con in a two story house, because that means the second floor will be burning. The nights were pretty awful, even though I have a fan in the roof. I hate to complain, but I really can’t wait for the weather to cool down. Thank god I live in Sweden!

A loss for words

So, the UEFA European Championship 2020 is finally happening (postponed since last year)! I haven’t been able to follow it for a long time, being abroad! So now I’m trying to see as many matches as I can! But today, something that shouldn’t happen, almost happened. When Denmark and Finland were playing, suddenly one of the players in Denmark’s team collapsed and just laid on the ground. Me and my dad saw everything and it was really awful to see, the images still replay in my head, seeing his lifeless expression and not responding. Then, when the medical team started doing CPR on him… I almost had a panic attack, and just wow… Such a shock. We were expecting the absolute worst, so when we then heard the news almost an hour later that he was stabilised, it was such a relief. He survived!

So many people watching, seeing this. My thoughts go out to his girlfriend and family, I can’t even imagine how they must have felt… Life is so frail.

ESC 2021 🎵

Oooh I’m so excited! Today is the Eurovision Song Contest final! I haven’t been able to see ESC since 2011 because I’ve been to Korea every spring… Gosh! So, obviously since I’m Swedish, I want Tusse (the name of our artist this year) to win! But, I don’t think he will. I’m afraid that people will think we’re boring, and I guess it’s true. I mean, his song is so good and we’re famous for sending really well made modern songs… But I guess we don’t really do anything crazy, you know? Anyway! Except for my own country, I hope for Norway, Finland, or Malta to win! But I heard that Italy is really popular too, so maybe they will win? Or maybe Cyprus? Anyway, may the best song win~ 😃

May! 🌷

In case anybody missed it… it’s May. Mum and I played some badminton in the garden and we took a walk in the forest afterwards. Then I took my bike to see the rape blossom. Smells so good! 😀

Vego sausages! 🌭

Delicious! Here in Sweden, vegetarian food has just exploded during the last 15 years. I first started experimenting being a vegetarian when I was 16 (2006) and even though there’s been periods (especially when I lived in Seoul because they put meat in everything and don’t have the same supply as in Sweden) when I ate some meat, I’ve seen how our vegetarian food market has changed a lot. Which is great! When I first started, there were not as many products that there is today… Even though it’s nice that there are vegetarian options of meat (like sausage), I doubt it’s very healthy to eat this food every day as it might contain (depending on the brand and product) lots of trash. Oh well…