Sokcho, day three

Last day in Sokcho! Unfortunately, I would like to add. Even though it’s so hot which makes going out a nuisance, our hotel room is so cozy! It’s even bigger than my apartment in Seoul…

Oh well, I will miss this place! Hoping to do more of these little trips! 😃

Took some drive-by videos (below) when taking the bus home, because the surroundings are so pretty! 🌳

Bad weather in Sokcho

When we came home from the Teddy Bear Museum we were so tired (the heat makes you really tired) so we actually fell asleep at the hotel. When we woke up we had some BBQ on the balcony (yes there was a grill on the balcony because Koreans love their BBQ). Then we went to the beach, but we suddenly it started to rain… Managed to take two pictures and then we rushed home and ordered pizza and saw a movie! When we went to bed that night the rain was pouring outside and the wind was blowing so much I thought it would be the last day of my life (well, almost). Sticking out your head on the balcony was not a good idea, I immediately became soaked!

Sokcho, day two

The day before the last day (is that how you say it?) in Sokcho! Today we decided to visit a place, Teddybear Farm, a Teddybear Museum! Before we went there we took a stroll around the neighbourhood, but oh, the heat! We couldn’t stand it anymore, so we gave up the stroll at least and took a taxi directly to the museum…

Sokcho, day one

So, I really badly wanted to visit some beach because it’s so hot, so my boyfriend recommended us to go to Sokcho – which we did today! It took a bit more than two hours by bus, but it was totally worth it! A ticket costed 18 000 won (Around 150 SEK), not as expensive as my home country Sweden where the same ticket would cost at least the double… 😅