First time I saw this show was back in 2004. Me and mum followed the series on TV, but for some unknown reason I can’t remember we stopped watching it. This show was super popular, everybody at school were discussing about the latest episode.

Ever since then I wanted to see the entire show again, this time from the beginning to the very end. And for some months ago I saw the first episode, and for just some minutes ago now I watched the very last episode of this show – containing 6 seasons and 121 episodes! I’m actually not even one of those series binging people…

Anyway, Lost is one of the best – if not the best – shows I’ve ever watched (maybe that doesn’t make sense since I didn’t really watch that many shows?)! Lost has it all – it’s a show that is extremely tense, funny and sad. Perhaps, everything at the same time. The characters are well made, so is the story. And now… I’m devastated that it’s all over.

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