Animation project

Currently taking the class Graphics and Animation 2, and we have a project to finish on Monday. I missed a class a week ago, but forgot that the week after is a red day (개천절/The National Foundation Day) so I panicked because I had only done the storyboard of the project, and the scenario standing-in-front-of-the-teacher-feeling-shameful-for-not-being-able-to-finish-a-simple-project played in my head a hundreds of times.

BUT now I’m sitting here, and after working 11 hours straight, with a finished project. As usual I diminish my powers… I feel so relieved now!

Below is a sneak peek! Yes I’m a total beginner in After Effects.


Today I woke up at 6 (in the morning). I went shopping groceries and decided to make a soup. I love bell peppers so I added some, even though in the picture below it looks like pineapple instead. I’m thinking of getting some more spices, and cinnamon because autumn is coming! 🍁


So, I haven’t been the greatest to update my blog lately. I’m not doing that many interesting stuff so maybe that’s why…

For a long time now I’ve been thinking of whether to start vlogging as well, I have a channel already but haven’t uploaded anything yet. You know, I just hate having all these thoughts “oh I should do that” but not doing it. I’m getting anxiety doing like this! The only thing to solve it is to actually do the thing.

Tomorrow is my day off (Wednesday) so I’ve managed to completely mess up my so called circadian rhythm, yay! So now I’m clear awake even though it’s 04.30 AM…

Below are so called mooncakes that I got from my Chinese friend! The one to the left was my favourite, so good! 🍰