Mt. Yongmasan (용마산)

Today was probably the first time ever that I’ve tried “climbing” one of the many mountains they have here in Korea. I mean, for real. And, for some reason, it seems to be more of a thing that eldery Koreans do because you see colourful wearing tiny grannies and grandpas pop up everywhere when you least suspect it! Some of them have a radio hanging on them, blasting music for everyone to hear whether they like it or not. And they are fast. They will walk up the mountain without any problems, past me, in no time. I was absolutely impressed! This is something that my own country’s elderies should do as well! Back in Skåne (South of Sweden) we don’t really have any mountains but we have lots of nature to walk around in…

Anyway, the mountain we climbed is called Yongmasan and is 348 meters high. My boyfriend wanted to point out that it’s not really a mountain, but a big hill. But whatever.

In the beginning we saw some stray (?) but healthy looking cats, and I love cats. Of course, my boyfriend does not. He says they’re dirty but then again he’s never had a cat and he’s probably basing his opinions of many of the dirty stray cats in Seoul… Any animal that is stray/wild will be dirty, right! Even so, I believe that cats are more clean than dogs.

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