Month: May 2017

  • Gyros

    Don’t know how many times I’ve been at this Greek place now, all I know is that I just love it! Tried the gyros pita this time, so good! I sure miss the European food… 😩

  • El Greco’s 🇬🇷

    We biked all the way to Itaewon, and it took one hour but it was worth it! Found this tiny restaurant where I ordered falafel in pita bread. So delicious, nex time I want to try the Gyros roll! I wish so bad that they had more European food in my neighbourhood, lol!

  • 포카칩 🥔

    My favourite chips (포카칩)!

  • Oopsy-daisy

    Okay, so I was just gonna dust off my jeans a bit and this happened…? 😅

  • 5 things x 3

    5 THINGSYou did last night: paper craftingYou can hear right now: the song Moments Alone (Need A Name Remix) by SineRiderYou cannot live without (material): hair tiesYou will do next week: nothing planned so farYou prefer eating: healthy food 5 PERSONSYou can tell everything to: mumYou prefer texting with: best friendsYou like: those who like […]

  • Night ride

    I am out bicycling a lot lately! I was out yesterday night again.

  • So stupid

    This made me sad to witness. The other day I was out visiting a market and saw a guy who had a meerkat (picture below) in a leash with him, like as if it was a pet. Meerkats are no pets, they should live in their natural habitat where they can dig out their tunnels […]

  • Why Korea fits my likings

    Or more like – why did I beome interested in Korea at first! Not everything, but way more than back home in Sweden, a lot of things are so incredibly cute! Their (very) intelligent marketing consists of having various cute designs on their products in order to attract customers. At least when it comes to […]

  • Too hot…

    It’s just like as soon May arrived, so did this damned heat!