So stupid

This made me sad to witness. The other day I was out visiting a market and saw a guy who had a meerkat (picture below) in a leash with him, like as if it was a pet. Meerkats are no pets, they should live in their natural habitat where they can dig out their tunnels and run around in fresh air. If a human has a meerkat as a pet, they would most likely not let them run around freely in their house as they will chew on stuff and make a mess. Yes, they are super cute and small and fluffy but this doesn’t mean that we can put them in a leash and run around with them on the streets. I have honestly speaking never seen anything like this in Korea (well, I have seen chickens/bunnies/etc in cages that somebody tried to sell by the streets), so I was pretty shocked. I hardly think that this guy has an area in his home that is totally adapted to this meerkat (not even that would be enough though) – instead he probably has a cage for it – where it will spend the rest of its life in depression (meerkats need the company of others because they are sociable). I also read that it’s actually LEGAL to have meerkats as pets – this is sick, and should be illegalized…

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