Month: May 2017

  • More food

    Visited Sinchon, the very place I lived in for the first time here in Korea (2012), and not much had changed since then! Also noticed they had a 50% sale on some yummy icecream at Baskin Robbins which I made sure to buy and I also discovered the delicious Thai soup Tom Yum.

  • Children’s Grand Park / 어린이대공원

    Pictures from when I visited the Children’s Grand Park where I live! I normally don’t visit zoo’s because I think it’s cruel to keep animals in cages but this park is free of entrance so at least I didn’t pay for it (not sure if that’s good either, but I suppose the government funds it…

  • More biking! 🚲

    I have seriously begun to use those rental bikes on a regular basis, went out today again! Brought my jibangi…

  • Late night organising

    I had a hard time falling asleep so I just went through my clothes and organised them neatly instead.

  • Some food

    Some random food I devoured lately!

  • Bicycling! 😃

    Today I tried the renting bikes here in Seoul! It was super fun, and it costs like 1 000₩ per hour which is like eight Swedish Kronors. We biked to this place called Seoul Forest (서울숲) and took some pictures!

  • Randomness on the streets

    Oh the sights you see in Korea! 😂❤️