Cold update

Aaand so I’ve caught a cold. I was supposed to go to Helsingør today, but I just didn’t feel alright… When your nose is constantly running, all you want to do is to sit in the sofa with soft blankets and paper towels stuck up your nostrils (yes, that’s how I do).

I slept until 2 PM, then I went downstairs to eat my mum’s newly baked bread while binge watching Game of Thrones (I recently started watching – yes I know I’m late – and now I’m obssessed).

And now it’s already 7 PM so it’s food time again! 🍞

Entire July

July is almost gone! Time passes by fast…

Lots of food

I love taking pictures of food. Also, it’s really smart if you want to submit reviews of the restaurants later!

Here comes a lot of pictures of food I’ve eaten (and that I want to eat now again after looking at the pictures once more)…

Big ass hornet

We have a few really huge hornets that live around the outside of our house. There’s one in the conservatory, but it hasn’t been bothering us (so far, at least) that much so we’re not touching it because we feel bad for it. It’s only been flying out and in, but maybe that’s because it’s planning to move in? It’s not like I know what hornets do on their spare time anyway, but we’ll see what happens…

Hornet number two has placed itself right outside my window (I know). You can’t really see, but I supect that it lives underneath the roof or something. Since it’s summer I’ve opened the window a bit, and everytime s/he comes flying into the nest it sounds like a chainsaw and I’m of course really afraid that s/he will miss his nest and instead fly into my room. But, that hasn’t happened yet.

Anyway, maybe most people would just call somebody to get rid of them with pesticides and shit. But my family really try not to do this, we believe that they have the right to live as well. Also, we live right next to a forest and stuff so we’ve actually chosen this life you know?

Thankfully, the hornet isn’t as big as this image.