Meat again

Wiener schnitzel with Béarnaise sauce, at the Edelweiss restaurant in my town (Helsingborg). The meat was alright but the french fries were gone in no time. I’m 99% vegetarian, and the reason for that is that I can’t eat meat that taste too much meat. I think it has to do with my Asperger’s, I’m extremely picky with food and feel easily disgusted by meat (and have been for my entire life actually). But, if there’s meat that doesn’t taste that much or is “covered” like this, there’s a high possibility that I can eat it. Anyway! My brother laughed at the beer menu because there was this beer called Pfungstädter (it sounds like “pung” in Swedish which means scrotum, very funny indeed (not)) so I had to get that… 🙄

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