Day 1 in Taean

Not a week had passed before I went on a new adventure (this time within Korea though)! Last summer we went to Sokcho which is located on the North East coast. We went there by bus, and it took about two hours. The motel we stayed at was right by the beach, and about 90% of the population is over 60 years old (?). So I guess you can say that the majority of the young people you see here will most likely be tourists!

So today was the first day, and we spent it mostly by a (sadly) really dirty beach. We went into the water to swim, and even though the water seemed cleaner than land it was full with sand (or something…) so you couldn’t see the seabed.

After playing around at the beach, we went back to our motel to make some food (there were only traditional Korean seafood/fish restaurants around which I sadly don’t like)! Earlier, we went to the supermarket and got some ingredients so we could make our own food instead. The place we stayed at was super nice, it even had a jacuzzi! And a big TV. So while eating our food, we laid in bed while watching random Korean TV-shows. Then at night, we took a stroll by the harbour which was right outside, and we almost stomped to death all those cute little crabs that ran across the road… You really had to look where you placed your next step! And I almost got eaten alive by all the mosquitos, even though I covered my body in clothes and mosquito repellent…

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