Update! ✨

Since I came home from Taean I haven’t been up to so much. I’ve honestly (and I’m really good at this) just been lazy for several days. School started last Monday. Well, it was more of an introduction week so there were no real classes, so to say. I didn’t even go to most of them because I’ve been busy figuring out which ones to actually take this semester! They don’t really make it easy for us students; there’s not enough of seats. Even if you really need to take a specific class that semester, you have to put up with a fight to get it! Anyway…

If you look back one week ago, you can see that the weather has drastically changed. Now, the nights have turned really cold. But, I embrace this to the fullest as I love cold… And I already long for the winter to come. But, winter is only fun if there’s lots of snow! Even though the summers here in Korea are tropical and hot, the winters are also super cold and usually it snows (colder than my hometown in Southern Sweden, were we rarely get snow anymore even).

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