Day 9 – Cozumel 🇲🇽

Next stop, Cozumel! To be honest, we were a bit tired but we still managed to look through all the souvenir shops! And the farmacy… You should have seen the queue to the farmacy! I think we actually bought some painkillers with illegal substances in them… 🤣

Day 7 – Belize 🇧🇿

Today we “landed” in Belize! The boat stopped a few kilometers out in the water and then we took a boat that took us to the harbour. If you wanted to go into the city I think you could but we didn’t. But they had really cool stuff in the shops! We were a bit unlucky with the weather, it was cloudy and suddenly the rain poured down like crazy…

Day 6 – Roatán 🇭🇳

Oh my god, today we’re at Honduras! Well, at one of their islands – Roatán! My poor photography skill doesn’t give justice to this island… It was just as hot as the summers in Seoul! The beach we went to was located in the Mahogany Bay.

Day 4 – George Town 🇰🇾

We’re at Cayman Islands! A place I never thought I’d ever visit, so I’m so grateful to come here! 😃 We went to the beach and it was really windy (I guess that was good or else it would be even hotter?) but me and my dad managed to use our snorkels in the water anyway lol. Leguanas were crawling around in the sand, so cool! 🦎