Day 1 – Fort Lauderdale 🇺🇸

Oh wow, we’re finally here! Everything feels so unreal. We’ve never (only my aunt) been to the USA before, so we didn’t really know what to expect, but it was really nice. Everybody were super kind and I just got the feeling that it’s so relaxed! Something that I didn’t know is that there are many people from Cuba and Haiti here, and lots of Spanish speaking as well! Maybe it sounds stupid of me to say, but this is so far away from my country and it’s not like you study the maps of the world every night you go to bed… 😅 So yeah, this is why travelling is so important because you learn a lot!

Anyway, we spent some hours by the pool at our hotel before we sadly had to get moving… We took a taxi (my dad who is really talkative became really good friends with the Haitian driver 🤣) to the harbour where our Italian ship was waiting! I’ve actually been cruising once before (10 years ago in Europe and Africa), but since this is totally new land for us we don’t really know what to expect – so exciting! 😃

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