Day 10 – At sea ⛵️

And so we have come to the end of our adventure with the cruising ship Costa Deliziosa. Well, tomorrow will be our last stop back in the USA. In this post I’m going to show you some of the amazing food we ate every night at the ship’s restaurant. The majority of the servants and staff were South Asian (at least the ones we talked to!) and it does feel bad when you sit there as a pale European, you know? It’s something we’re not very used to (and actually, I’m glad I’m not!)… Anyway, I saw some of the servants we talked to got off during their breaks in the mornings with backpacks and cameras, it’s nice to see they got some time off to also do some touristy stuff as well! At night, since it was the final day on board, they had some extra festivities during the dinner and my mum got invited to dance with the guy who served our food! 🤣

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