Absolute favourite fragrances

Don’t be confused, this is not a perfume blog. I just love making lists and I want to shed some light on my favourites!

I have not smelled the entire world… but, of those that I did smell – here are my absolute favourites!

  1. Britney Spears – Radiance. I think they stopped making this, and it tears me apart everytime thinking about it because I don’t think I have ever loved a perfume like this before.
  2. Ohana Mahaalo – Pikake Aulii. I discovered this by accident in a 10×10 store in Seoul last year! They had a bunch of these pretty Japanese perfumes, and I sniffed them all… And this one in particular had me bewitched. I finally bought it after a few days as I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. I used it up really fast and of course they don’t have it here in Sweden…
  3. Britney Spears – Midnight Fantasy. I don’t have this in my possession anymore, but it’s my old college perfume. It’s quite heavy, not one of those “daily perfumes”, and I would buy it again if I didn’t already own the next perfume on the list (one heavy perfume is enough for my lifestyle)…
  4. Viva La Juicy – Gold Couture. I came across this one earlier this year when I once again was sniffing around in the stores. And I instantly fell for it, like a fool.
  5. Ariana Grande – Sweet Like Candy. I bought this as a Christmas gift for myself (yes, I do that) last week and wow. The smell is of course amazing (I suck at explaining fragrances).
  6. Ariana Grande – Ari. I also got this for Christmas and I think it’s pretty similar to Sweet Like Candy? Smells super nice though.

…Anyway, I will continue my sniffing, to reach new levels! In conclusion, it seems like the notes that I appreciate the most are sweet, fruity, vanilla and white floral!

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