New books! 📚

Every February (?) the annual book sale in Sweden starts. Even though I’m not the type who buys all the newest and hottest books, there are a few that might interest me and this time it was Hudbibeln (The Skin Bible) by Johanna Gillbro – simply a book about our skin! It sounded super interesting, and I bet there’s a lot of stuff for to me to learn.

And as usual, Murakami books because I love his books. Then, I finally found the paperback edition of Jackie by Anne Swärd, I’ve been waiting for months! Can’t wait to read all of these! Right now I’m on the last chapters of book number 4 in the Earth’s Children series, but who says you can’t read two books (or more) at once? 😎


Last Christmas I received those DNA test kits from 23andme, from a friend! I’ve been long thinking of doing this in the future, so I was so happy to finally get to do it! Anyway, early this morning I finally received my results and it’s so cool. No real surprises, except for the Eastern European part where I got 2,1%? 😮Anyway, I’m almost 100% Scandinavian and it’s mostly from Denmark (I had no idea I’m so Danish!) and Southern Sweden/Skåne! 🇩🇰🇸🇪

I spent several hours just reading about my ancestry report, DNA relatives and traits – you’re given so much information it’s just fascinating…