Djungelskog sightings 🐻

This is unacceptable. Preposterous. I found DJUNGELSKOG today. You know, that incredible charismatic chubby soft bear from IKEA that almost won the Swedish president election once (remember?). 100% pecan brown silk-like fluff. Irresistible. Uh, where were I… Right. I found Djungelskog today. Where did I find him? At a second hand store. *takes a deep breath* I repeat. At a second hand store. This is not okay. We are talking about Djungelskog!

Do people actually think that you can just buy Djungelskog (firstly, you’re not the one who choose Djungelskog, HE chooses you), and then move on with your life like nothing happened? I’m sorry, but that’s not how it works. Once you get Djungelskog, it’s a lifelong commitment, no matter if he will be the end of you. You do not dump him in a second hand store, he’s worth more than that!

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