Fika and library ☕

I recently got a library card that I can use at any of the libraries here in Stockholm. Libraries are actually really nice, I don’t really visit them as much as I did when I was younger – which is really sad… So, me and my boyfriend decided to visit the Stockholm Public Library! We didn’t really have much time there as they were about to close. Next time, I guess!

Then we went to my favourite Espresso House and had a nice fika there. We wanted to go to another cafe but all of them were so crowded (afterall, it was a Saturday afternoon)!

After the fika he showed me some cool places around the library, because I have never visited this part of Stockholm before (I’ve barely been in Stockholm at all, to be honest)… The weather was cold and quite windy, can’t wait for spring to arrive so I can experience Stockholm in spring! 💮

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