ESC 2021 🎵

Oooh I’m so excited! Today is the Eurovision Song Contest final! I haven’t been able to see ESC since 2011 because I’ve been to Korea every spring… Gosh! So, obviously since I’m Swedish, I want Tusse (the name of our artist this year) to win! But, I don’t think he will. I’m afraid that people will think we’re boring, and I guess it’s true. I mean, his song is so good and we’re famous for sending really well made modern songs… But I guess we don’t really do anything crazy, you know? Anyway! Except for my own country, I hope for Norway, Finland, or Malta to win! But I heard that Italy is really popular too, so maybe they will win? Or maybe Cyprus? Anyway, may the best song win~ 😃

New Year 2021 👏

How will 2021 be? Honestly, I’m too much of a realist to even dare think that Corona will magically disappear this year. I’m sure it won’t. I’m still not convinced that it won’t be a repetition of 2020 – I wouldn’t be that surprised (but I would be more sad, of course) if it would.

What can a little human like me do about it anyway? I will continue isolate myself and make more use of the internet! As an introvert, that sounds awesome actually. Except for the fact that I’m 30. And single. 😂