A place that I’ve been wanting to visit now for a while, lol! I suppose it’s more fun if you’re like 20 years younger or so, but anyway… It’s summer and we love driving around exploring new places! 😃

Alpaca World

We wanted to go somewhere because we were bored, and found this place in Gangwon that seemed pretty nice… We rented a car and drove there! The weather was super hot and sunny, but then when we were leaving a sudden thunderstorm passed by with lots of rain. Nevertheless, I was able to get really close to some alpacas!

Torreblanca 2019

This has become a tradition of me and my parents the latest years now, to visit Torreblanca! We always rent the same apartment as well, because we really like it there! It’s a perfect location, and a calm area! Well, it’s not the high season now so maybe that’s why… Nevertheless, it’s a nice getaway for a week or so!