Våffeldagen 🧇

I had five waffles today, and while that’s not a record for me (more a tradition really), it really killed me afterwards. Am I getting too old for waffles? I don’t want to think so…

Anyway, today was one of those days where the Swedes decided to celebrate their (yes waffles are Swedish do not question me) epic food again. Today is the National Waffle Day! That means that today is the only day of the year where you’re allowed to eat as many waffles you want to without being judged, woo! 😃


Haven’t been updating here for a while but that’s because my classes take up a lot of my time and thoughts! But now, this semester is finally ending! Me and my bf went to a coffee shop to celebrate this matter and there’s this caramel cake that looks way too much for me but I’ve been checking it out every time I’ve walked past…

Edit: the cake was too much.

Below: failed attempt of eating the cake prettily.