Minipig appreciation post 🐷

Me and my bf went to one of my favourite stores in my neighbourhood – 10×10. They have so many fancy and cute things there, and some weeks ago we (well, me) found this über cute pig plushie with overalls. You know, you see cute stuff and then you see REALLY CUTE stuff? Yeah. And so… My bf got me the über cute pig plushie with overalls. I was really surprised when he suddenly said “I have a gift for you” – I had absolutely no idea what it could be? Anyway, when I opened it I almost died again because it’s so cute! By the way, it’s called Puton pig and I think it’s a Japanese brand.

And then, I knew what I had to do. I had to buy the girl pig with pink overalls for him! So I did. 😃

Daiso stickers

For those who really know me, you know that I love cute stuff and stationery! And so I went to Daiso for the 48543904093rd time to buy some cute stickers… I’m gonna miss cheap and cute stuff like this when I move back home to Sweden! 😩

Why Korea fits my likings

Or more like – why did I beome interested in Korea at first! Not everything, but way more than back home in Sweden, a lot of things are so incredibly cute! Their (very) intelligent marketing consists of having various cute designs on their products in order to attract customers. At least when it comes to myself, the very first time I see some product that has a very pretty or super cute design, I always chose this before a less cute one. Perhaps something Sweden (and other countries as well) should embrace as well? Just a tip!