ESC 2021 🎵

Oooh I’m so excited! Today is the Eurovision Song Contest final! I haven’t been able to see ESC since 2011 because I’ve been to Korea every spring… Gosh! So, obviously since I’m Swedish, I want Tusse (the name of our artist this year) to win! But, I don’t think he will. I’m afraid that people will think we’re boring, and I guess it’s true. I mean, his song is so good and we’re famous for sending really well made modern songs… But I guess we don’t really do anything crazy, you know? Anyway! Except for my own country, I hope for Norway, Finland, or Malta to win! But I heard that Italy is really popular too, so maybe they will win? Or maybe Cyprus? Anyway, may the best song win~ 😃

The Melody Festival 2021 🇸🇪

Here in Sweden we are a bit crazy about the Eurovision Song Contest, because we have in total 6 shows where we select our winner of the year – and this year was no different! Maybe you can divide our nation into two parties; those who follow every show and love Eurovision, and those who don’t. In our family, it’s kind of a tradition to watch it and there’s not much to watch on TV anyway so why not?

So today was the final show, where we (finally) decided which song to send to Eurovision! I was kind of convinced (or at least hoping) of that one particular artist would win, and I was right! I really like this song. But I wonder how this year’s Eurovision will be like because of Corona? 😣