Tag: finally

  • Landed in Stockholm!

    I have now moved to Stockholm, who would have thought! Both me and my bf start our internships next week so we got some time to chill and explore.

  • 90’s festival

    Finally, after the pandemic, the annual Vi som älskar 90-talet festival is back! It rained a bit but whatever! We danced for 12 hours…

  • Summer vacation

    Vacation has started! I’m going back home to my hometown down in the South, but until then I’m gonna spend some time with my bf! Then we have almost 2 months of vacation. When we get back to school we will have one last game project and then we’re all supposed to have internships! Let’s…

  • Spring!

    Bought some new fancy nail polish! Now I can sit in the garden and paint my nails again, woo! 💅

  • Ven 🏝🚲

    Today we finally went to Ven, a must to visit every summer, an island next to Helsingborg! It’s about 4 km from the coast, so we must take the boat to get there (which took at least 40 minutes). I guess most people will rent a bike in order to get around the island, and…

  • Finally some snow!

    The snow has finally fallen here in Seoul, too!

  • Update

    Haven’t been updating here for a while but that’s because my classes take up a lot of my time and thoughts! But now, this semester is finally ending! Me and my bf went to a coffee shop to celebrate this matter and there’s this caramel cake that looks way too much for me but I’ve…

  • The biography of Steve Jobs 🍏

    Finally, after taken nearly one year, I’ve managed to finish reading this biography by Walter Isaacson. Even though I don’t really fancy Apple products, it was such an interesting book to read! I really recommend it.

  • June

    Finally June! I think the time has passed by so fast… Now it won’t be long until I go back home to Sweden during the summer! It will be nice to get away from the tropical heat here in Korea…