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  • On the road again…

    One stopover in Germany before Korea! Unfortunately, my flight was cancelled but I was sent to a really cute little motel to spend the night before taking off the next day instead, so it’s all good with me! 😃

  • Oh dear…

    When I got to the Frankfurt airport for transferring, I suddenly got the message that my flight to Kastrup was cancelled. Annoying of course, but what can you do? After all I was located in Germany, a country well known for its excellent customer service! Everything went perfect, Lufthansa paid everything, the hotel and food!…

  • Flight back home

    On my way home!

  • Coffee from Åhléns has landed in Seoul

    I’m so tired now. Managed to sleep some hours on the ten hour flight here but didn’t sleep well the night before the flight. Will go to bed early today, can’t wait… Oh and I bought this super cute coffee maker today! And I brought some ecologic coffee from Åhléns (a Swedish lifestyle store) here…

  • Helsinki airport

    Currently waiting for the next flight to take me to Seoul. This airport is so small but neat!

  • Travel home

    And so it was time for me to go back to Sweden again for the winter break. This time I travelled with Finnair, which is very much appreciated as it only took 10 hours from Incheon to Helsinki, and then only one hour to Kastrup! It feels lovely to be home again.

  • Landed at Incheon 🛬

    And so I’m back in Korea again, it’s so hot here! I departed from Kastrup as usual, switched planes in Frankfurt, and then straight to Incheon. The trip went really well, I travelled by Lufthansa which is one of my favourite companies to fly with!