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  • Vego sausages! 🌭

    Delicious! Here in Sweden, vegetarian food has just exploded during the last 15 years. I first started experimenting being a vegetarian when I was 16 (2006) and even though there’s been periods (especially when I lived in Seoul because they put meat in everything and don’t have the same supply as in Sweden) when I…

  • Mum’s birthday

    For mum’s birthday we went to one of our favourite restaurants in town! 😙

  • Cool bean soup

    My bf recommended me this, as I’m not so found of meat. I like beans, but I’m not used to eat cold food – especially not soup! Even though I didn’t quite like it, one must try new things all the time in order to find something they like! It would also be a shame…

  • Meat again

    Wiener schnitzel with Béarnaise sauce, at the Edelweiss restaurant in my town (Helsingborg). The meat was alright but the french fries were gone in no time. I’m 99% vegetarian, and the reason for that is that I can’t eat meat that taste too much meat. I think it has to do with my Asperger’s, I’m…

  • Today’s dinner

    Meat. People probably find this ironic. I sometimes eat meat but still try so hard not to buy beauty products that have been tested on animals. I’m not a good human. At least I’m not trying to hide it?

  • Lots of food

    I love taking pictures of food. Also, it’s really smart if you want to submit reviews of the restaurants later! Here comes a lot of pictures of food I’ve eaten (and that I want to eat now again after looking at the pictures once more)…

  • Shrimps’ galore

    Today we were at a Shrimps’ galore at Mölleexpressen in town. As soon as the sun set it got cold, but at least it wasn’t windy at all.

  • Gyros

    Don’t know how many times I’ve been at this Greek place now, all I know is that I just love it! Tried the gyros pita this time, so good! I sure miss the European food… 😩