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  • Last pictures in Korea

    So, the time has finally (?) arrived. I have finished my Bachelor’s degree here at Konkuk university and it’s time for me to move back to Sweden. I’ll be missing my Korean life, but I’ll come back as a tourist in the future for sure!

  • A trip to Achasan

    This is a mountain around where I live and I can’t believe I haven’t been here before. It was such a perfect autumn day… 🍂

  • TOPIK test

    Time for the first TOPIK test in a while (had to go to another city to take it this time)! I’ve been avoiding it since 2015, lol. Cross your fingers! 👀

  • Alpaca World

    We wanted to go somewhere because we were bored, and found this place in Gangwon that seemed pretty nice… We rented a car and drove there! The weather was super hot and sunny, but then, when we were leaving, all of a sudden a thunderstorm passed by with lots of rain. Nevertheless, I was able…

  • Minipig appreciation post 🐷

    Me and my bf went to one of my favourite stores in my neighbourhood – 10×10. They have so many fancy and cute things there, and some weeks ago we (well, me) found this über cute pig plushie with overalls. You know, you see cute stuff and then you see REALLY CUTE stuff? Yeah. And…

  • First days of 2019

    And so it’s 2019! I spent my New Year’s here in Korea actually. Their celebration is way more calm than ours, I think. At least when it comes to all the fireworks we use… Not sure if that’s a good thing anyway, but I sure missed it. Anyway, it’s winter vacation now so I’m going…