Tag: nuisance

  • Spring, come quickly!

    It’s February. Longing for spring…

  • Friday and nasal congestion

    Friday today. It’s weird, because I still have issues with my nose. You see, when I flew home last June to Sweden, the air conditioner on the airplane made my nose superduper dry – but only in the right nostril. It actually really hurt, so I had to buy a nose oil which did solve…

  • Dried up nose

    It’s been over a week now since I returned to Sweden. I’ll be here during the summer, for about two months! We already managed to do many different activities, but there’s just as many left to do. I also got the honour to suffer from a tiny wound inside of my nose, probably after enduring…

  • One gone, millions left

    So here we go again… Found another cockroach. Rest in peace.

  • Of course

    Blärgh. So, of course something had to mess up. I’m not done with my class applications. You know when you read something fast, like a class description, and you decide that it’s not something you want? Well, the course I’m thinking of now is about drawing – the human body – and I suck at…

  • Getting Windows ready

    Ugh, I hate when my computer does this… (Edit: it took 10-15 minutes and then it finally disappeared!)

  • First world problems

    This is such a typical thing that everybody (at least us Swedes) have gone through. The coffee maker I bought was rather small and the filters I got from home are too big for it, so I have to cut them in order to fit. But that’s alright I guess…! ☕️

  • Class applications here and there

    Was planning my classes earlier this week, and I managed to get into three already. Four left… I suspect that I can’t get at least two as usual, but I hope so because I really want one language course! Stupid school. -_-‘

  • New semester

    Oh hell, when will this wryneck go away? I was about to write that I don’t know what to write here today but then I remembered that I actually had to stay up until 2 AM yesterday in order to apply for classes this upcoming semester. Since my university is in Korea, there is some…