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  • Aurora

    I saw the northern lights for the first time in my life, and I can’t describe in words how it felt. Magical? There are no words for that experience. Too bad I didn’t bring my camera!

  • Oh dear…

    When I got to the Frankfurt airport for transferring, I suddenly got the message that my flight to Kastrup was cancelled. Annoying of course, but what can you do? After all I was located in Germany, a country well known for its excellent customer service! Everything went perfect, Lufthansa paid everything, the hotel and food!…

  • Oopsy-daisy

    Okay, so I was just gonna dust off my jeans a bit and this happened…? 😅

  • Grand opening of Lotte World Tower

    Today me and a friend went to the grand opening of Lotte World Tower here in Seoul. There were a lot of fireworks for about 10 minutes. The tower has 123 floors that contain everything from apartments to stores. They say that the elevator is really quick; in one minute it will take you from…

  • Gosh

    Sometimes I get so tired of myself. So, I went to the printing room to print out some Powerpoint material from my class. But the woman in the room that manages the printers looks at me weirdly, and as a non Asian in this country I’m really used to getting looked at so I ignore…

  • Claw machine explosion

    I don’t know of what reason, but the latest three months these claw machines have invaded my neighbourhood. They have always been around, but now there are so many here! And I don’t mind, I love cute plushies!

  • Snail on a knife 🐌🔪

    This snail is living dangerously. It almost ended up in the salad!