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  • Fika and library ☕

    I recently got a library card that I can use at any of the libraries here in Stockholm. Libraries are actually really nice, I don’t really visit them as much as I did when I was younger – which is really sad… So, me and my boyfriend decided to visit the Stockholm Public Library! We…

  • Mum’s birthday

    For mum’s birthday we went to one of our favourite restaurants in town! 😙

  • Våffeldagen 🧇

    I had five waffles today, and while that’s not a record for me (more a tradition really), it really killed me afterwards. Am I getting too old for waffles? I don’t want to think so… Anyway, today was one of those days where the Swedes decided to celebrate their (yes waffles are Swedish do not…

  • Fat Tuesday

    In Sweden, we have many days were we celebrate different food. For example the Fat Tueday (Fettisdagen), is when we eat a semla (below), and this year we celebrate it the 16th of February. A few decades ago, if you wanted to upset the Swedes you would eat a semla weeks before the actual date…

  • Tiramisu desserts

    By the way, don’t these look delicious? We have this tradition where we always have tiramisu as dessert for New Year’s Eve! 🍰

  • Making pancakes 🥞

    What’s the first (well one of) thing I do when I arrived back to my apartment? That’s right – making pancakes! I love pancakes. Lately, it has become my greatest comfort food number one. And it’s so easy to make, as well! 😃

  • Last fika

    Meeting up with my bff before taking off to the Americas! We had a fika at our favourite place in the city and giggled like maniacs as usual. 💗 Two days left before going cruising, can’t wait! 🌎

  • Update

    Haven’t been updating here for a while but that’s because my classes take up a lot of my time and thoughts! But now, this semester is finally ending! Me and my bf went to a coffee shop to celebrate this matter and there’s this caramel cake that looks way too much for me but I’ve…