Sky Park 하늘공원 ☁️

Today me and my bf went to the so called “Sky Park” here in Seoul. We took the subway and then walked up almost 300 stairs! Good excercise, heh. At this time, there were almost nobody else here (probably because it was rainy) so it was even better! A really pretty place, so if you like taking pictures and don’t mind the walking I really recommend this place. There is another park next to the Sky Park, which is called Noeul Park, that we also went to. Took lots of pretty pictures!

From Visit Seoul: Haneul Park is the most popular of the five parks situated in World Cup Park which was built to commemorate the 17th FIFA World Cup. Like its name Haneul, which means “sky” in Korean, the park is situated on the highest part of World Cup Park and offers breathtaking views of Seoul. Once a landfill, Haneul Park is an incredible example of ecological and urban regeneration. The annual Silver Grass Festival at Haneul Park is one of the city’s most popular events. It is held each October when the silver grass is in bloom. Silver grass is also known as eulalia or pampas grass. The park can be reached by climbing up a wooden stairway that boasts 291 steps or by taking a ride on the park’s electric tram.

A sunny day

Today we visited that park that is really close to my apartment – Children’s Grand Park. It’s a really big park! And so beautiful. Lots of greenery (which I miss so badly) and they also have some animals there… I feel bad every time I see them though.