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  • Birthday! 🎁

    I have made a new friend at school! Today was my birthday so we went on a little trip to Lugnet, which is pretty much right next to where we live. They have sheep there which we visited, so cool! I also got a super nice gift from my friend!

  • Alpaca park

    Found a place where they had alpacas, but it wasn’t really what we expected it to be… Nevertheless, it was a lovely day and I still managed to take some photos! ❤️

  • Seoul Botanic Park

    Me and my bf were bored as usual so we went to the newly opened Seoul Botanic Park! I think it’s actual official opening will be next year. Anyway, it was nice and I hope to come back to visit again! 🌱

  • Children’s Grand Park

    Since this park is in my neighbourhood and it’s free of entrance we go here to escape all the gray buildings and cars. At first I thought it was only a large greenery area but turns out they have animals here too.

  • Sky Park 하늘공원 ☁️

    Today me and my bf went to the so called “Sky Park” here in Seoul. We took the subway and then walked up almost 300 stairs! Good excercise, heh. At this time, there were almost nobody else here (probably because it was rainy) so it was even better! A really pretty place, so if you…

  • Hallim Park 🌴

    Today we went to the Tropical Hallim Park, a beautiful botanical garden here at Jeju island. We were blessed with cloudy weather today, it was sooo hot and humid here! They had caves as well, down there it was so cold and nice…

  • Olympic park (올림픽공원)

    My parents and aunt will come to Korea in a few days! Ever since I start coming here (2012), none of my family members have ever visited Korea! It’s gonna be so fun to show them around, and show them my apartment! 😃 Anyway, me and my bf went to the Olympic park here in…

  • A trip to the park

    We go here a lot, because it’s the closest park to my apartment and it’s so big and nice! Went here at afternoon in order to avoid the scorching sun.

  • A sunny day

    Today we visited that park that is really close to my apartment – Children’s Grand Park. It’s a really big park! And so beautiful. Lots of greenery (which I miss so badly) and they also have some animals there… I feel bad every time I see them though.