Tag: purchases

  • New books wooo! 📖

    Ordered some books last month at the annual book sale, received them today!

  • Waiting for two bears to come

    Earlier this spring I finally took the decision to buy the Pip bear from Tiny Headed Kingdom. I was too excited, so I missed the fact that they were gonna be shipped all the way from the USA! Which means it’s going to take a looong time for it to arrive here (it took over…

  • New book order!

    I ordered some books! The animation books were so expensive, but I figured it’s a must for me – an aspiring Technical Animator! Then I got another book by by Jo Marchant, I really like her stuff. And the last book, People Who Eat Darkness just seem to be really interesting but also scary at…

  • Daiso stickers

    For those who really know me, you know that I love cute stuff and stationery! And so I went to Daiso for the 48543904093rd time to buy some cute stickers… I’m gonna miss cheap and cute stuff like this when I move back home to Sweden! 😩

  • Send help…

    I bought stickers again. These were a bit more expensive because I got them at ArtBox which is a bit fancy. Still, it’s cheaper than my home country. Nevertheless, I just couldn’t help myself, okay? I mean just look at them! How can anybody NOT wanna have them? It’s a rather bad shopping habit now…

  • New cute pens ✏️

    Another thing I do when I get back to Korea is to go shopping! I go to my favourite stationery stores and/or Daiso. I found some new cute pens, yay!

  • Before going back

    Some stuff I want to show you!

  • A book

    Bought a new interesting book!

  • Random candy 🍬

    Bought a lot of random candy.