Second hand dresses 👗

Aren’t these super cute? Yesterday when I went to one of my favourite second hand stores – Erikshjälpen – I saw them and just couldn’t resist! I can’t remember the last time I bought clothes, it happens only a few times per year lately (which is good, of course!). I prefer second hand over totally brand new clothes mostly because of the lower price and you also get a bigger variety of style than in any other store.

After been living in Seoul for many years, I came to realise the cost difference between Sweden and Korea. Of course, they also have boutiques and expensive clothing like us, but they had way more stores (not just clothes, but pretty much everything) with cheaper stuff. So when I came back to Sweden, I totally changed my shopping behaviour. I bought most of my clothing there, as it was cheaper, and could easily spot an overpriced item here in Sweden. Overall, I stopped buying so much! You know, when you’re younger (especially when you’re a teenager) you care way too much about how you look and the latest trends. And you buy too much clothes. At least that’s how it was for me…

Anyway, simply said, shopping at second hand stores is not just beneficial for your wallet but also the climate (even though our world is pretty much lost already), and the store I went to is also supporting humanitarian projects through its own fundraising which is just so great!

Daiso stickers

For those who really know me, you know that I love cute stuff and stationery! And so I went to Daiso for the 48543904093rd time to buy some cute stickers… I’m gonna miss cheap and cute stuff like this when I move back home to Sweden! 😩


Been a fan of jojoba oil from Crearome for a while now, and the other day I got a new one. They are so good for me with dry skin, and there are no chemicals or whatsoever. 100% clean from shit.

Anyway I also got some castor oil (so sticky!) to try. I was planning to use it as a makeup remover, it worked rather well actually.

And then I also bought two new nail polishes from IsaDora – 697 and 634.

Phone case

So I bought myself a new phone, a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and I thought that there would be lots of cute cases to buy here in Korea but oh was I wrong. When I arrived back to Korea, I found out that this model wasn’t even launched yet here? Anyway, I found this super cute liquid case back home in Korea and my parents were kind enough to mail it to me here! Isn’t it cute? 😃