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  • Schedule

    Here is my weekly schedule for this semester! Monday: Film Analysis SeminarTuesday: Free day! ❤Wednesday: English Debate and Public Speaking & Cinematography 1Thursday: Motion Picture Workshop 2Friday: Korean History For Foreign Students & Advanced English reading

  • Done with applications ✅

    Finally done with my class applications this semester! School starts next Thursday. Skipped a class that I was planning to take from the beginning, and added a few others instead. Also tried to get into a language course but as usual these ones are almost impossible to get into. • 사운드디자인 / Sound design• 라이프드로잉…

  • Class applications here and there

    Was planning my classes earlier this week, and I managed to get into three already. Four left… I suspect that I can’t get at least two as usual, but I hope so because I really want one language course! Stupid school. -_-‘